Bunky Bowman - Texas # 784715

Warm Greetings,

I’m an older man who gets no mail here in Texas Prisons and would like to write anyone from any place in the world, and if you’re from outer space or other worlds I will be glad to hear from you, too :-) and will write you back. I do not care what your race, likes, and faiths are, just as long as your of age and love to write letters.

Write me and tell me about your life and I will share all of mine. I have no family and can use a new one. I have received my GED in prison and have been studying law to try to win my freedom and civil rights back. I enjoy studying all religions and old triblisms and I’m a book reader.

I’ve been locked up since 1995 and try to read a book a week. I love to debate life and wonder at what’s next, so with this please write and be sure if you use Jpay to put your mailing return snail mail info (grins) in the body of the message. It’s the only way I can write you back.

I love hearing from folks from overseas in the UK and USA. Enjoy today, show a smile, win a friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Yours in Truth.