Matthew Dorsey # 1444397 (Texas)

Matthew Dorsey # 1444397

Ellis Unit-TDCJ

1697 F.M. 980

Huntsville, TX  77343



  • charged with assaulting a state trooper and evading arrest in Tyler, TX.
  • I was in someone else’s car and evaded capture; No one was injured, nor was any damage done
  • Arrested 3 months after incident; associate told authorities I confessed to him the offense
  • Assigned Public Defender and opted for trial in lieu of a plea bargain agreement
  • During the trial, the officer at issue testified I never swerved car towards him, nor appeared to have an intent to harm
  • Officer testified he tried to shoot tires
  • No law enforcement identified me as driver of the vehicle
  • Law enforcement did not record license plate of the vehicle
  • Prosecutorial misconduct, during trial, was seen, in part, when D.A. introduced letter(s) containing my negative thoughts towards the Public Defender. The letter(s) were irrelevant to the issue at trial
  • My attorney did not object to the letters being introduced, therefore did not preserve the issue for appeal
  • Later evidence was discovered by my attorney but was never entered the Discovery Phase nor was the DA notified
  • Later, the DA introduced the previously unknown evidence and claimed he was the one to discover it… my attorney did not contest that claim
  • During my appeal, the truth of the evidence and who discovered it was revealed
  • The evidence was used to arm-twist me into changing my plea… a life-sentence is now being served

Other data

  • Entered TDCJ in 2007 at the age of 23
  • Charge was: Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer & Evading Arrest
  • Length of sentence: Life
  • Court of conviction: 114th District Court-Smith County, TX
  • Date of conviction: May 31, 2007 / date of arrest: Nov. 2, 2006
  • Eligible for parole: Nov. 1, 2036
  • Education: High School graduate
  • I spend about 4 hours each week in the unit law library